Digital Transformation and starting with ‘why’

March 14, 2024
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At xDesign, we’ve been diving deep into the world of digital transformation through a compelling three-part video series featuring Glen Leakey, former CTO at Specsavers and Dyson (and now at Royal Mail). Glen has shared his insights on integrating technology with human-centric strategies and explored other facets of digital transformation with a diverse group of xDesign’s own experts.

A still from our episode with Glen

Referencing the Simon Sinek book, ‘Start with why: How great leaders inspire action’, our discussions kicked off by emphasising the importance of understanding the ‘why’ behind transformation efforts. This approach isn’t just about adopting new technology but shifting perspectives, engaging stakeholders effectively, and asking the right questions that drive meaningful changes.

The series goes on to cover topics such as building mature product development, placing people at the core of digital transformation, creating rainbow teams, and continuous learning and integration.

Watch the episodes on xDesign’s LinkedIn below.

Episode 1: Start with the why

Episode 2: Building a ‘mature’ approach to product development

Episode 3: Why people and culture are critical to digital transformation

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