Let’s talk about ‘unicorns’ – companies valued at over $1bn.

RS Components analyzed 214 global unicorn companies to find the top 5 most successful tech sectors:

– On-demand – 178.5
– E-Commerce – 102.28
– FinTech – 91.22
– Internet software – 52.34
– Big Data – 31.2

Tech Nation Report 2020 found that eight unicorns were created in the UK in 2019.

The UK’s total count? 77 since 1990.

And then there are unicorns in the making.

The number of “future unicorns” – companies valued between $250m and $800m – rose by 27% to 95 in 2019.

It shows that the pipeline of prospective billion dollar-valued firms is healthy and growing.

There were 95 of these high-value scaleups in the UK in 2019.

They include companies like Atom Bank in the North East of England, Depop in London and Crisp Thinking in Yorkshire.

45% of the UK’s high-value scaleups are based outside of London.

It’s a positive sign that all nations and regions in the UK are building a pipeline of global tech leaders.

There are two unicorns on Tech Nation’s current #FutureFifty programme, which has yielded 18 total unicorns.

We are helping them with growth challenges such as finding top talent and scaling internationally.

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