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I don’t have as many dealings with consultancies as I do scaleups in my day-to-day role, which is why I attended a Leeds Digital Festival seminar yesterday about BJSS‘s international expansion.

It was interesting to hear personal stories from its employees who relocated from Leeds to set up new offices in places such as Portugal and New York – a daunting prospect, never mind at the peak of a pandemic. Software engineer Rebecca, who relocated to Lisbon, said:

“If you are interested in [moving abroad to set up an office], there is no perfect time to do so – and I always think that thinking about it gives you more opportunity to worry about things. “Once you’re actually doing it, you find that you’re there, have things to focus on, and the worries have passed.”

BJSS Head of Digital Transformation Sarah Tulip said that the consultancy’s expansion efforts are driven by its people:

“People will always be the key to a consultancy like BJSS’s growth and capability to grow into new regions. We are invested in growing talent in the form of young people. We want to ensure we are investing in the cities and countries that we move to and we also have a big commitment to Leeds, our heart where BJSS and its culture was founded.”

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