A new study from Bupa Health Clinics has found that 65% of people are anxious about returning to the office.

As somebody who has been lucky enough to work at organisations with remote working policies since 2013, I hope that more businesses recognise the benefits of allowing employees to work flexibly.

Last year I worked as part of a distributed team of 11 Engagement Managers across the UK.

Being able to get up early and crack on with a full day of work from home with no distractions or commute was a huge advantage.

When I wanted to go into Platform, my coworking space, I could – and it provided the benefit of human interaction, natural light and a change of scenery.

It’s all about balance – after the last three months, I now know that I need both to work optimally.

Thankfully, Platform is being cleaned over the weekend so that we can return on Monday and work according to social distancing measures.

And it’s come at just the right time.

I’m one of the lucky ones. If anything, I was anxious about having to work out of my dingy flat for longer.

Scenarios vary dramatically for people, which is why providing a choice is so important.

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