Is hiring remote ‘interns’ to undertake task and project-based work the answer to the UK’s looming digital skills crisis?

Paperound, a new UK-based platform taking on sites like Fiverr and freelancer, thinks so.

I interviewed cofounder and CEO Jake Fox to find out what his new venture is all about.

Noticing how difficult it was to access student resources efficiently – even though students are desperate for the work – Jake wanted to provide startups and SMEs with an alternative to traditional internships, which he says can be rigid in nature, hard to find and contrast with startups’ agile ways of working.

“With internships, companies have to decide when to hire interns, where to get them from and how they are going to fill their time.

“In reality, founders and small business owners should be spending their time on more important work – they want interns that can jump on a task that anybody can do, quickly.”

And yes – all students working on the platform are paid.

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