Tech Nation keeps growing and evolving at speed. Today we have announced the launch of the Tech Nation Lawtech Delivery Panel, which will allow us to support the digital transformation of the UK’s legal sector. In 2018 the lawtech sector was valued at $15.9 billion globally.

The UK is the second-largest legal services market in the world and, as noted in the following release (, this move could “encourage investment and innovation, ensuring understanding, awareness and use of lawtech, exploring ethics and regulation around technology in the legal sector.”

Innovative #legaltech companies are operating in regions across the UK, and on a purely personal note I’ve particularly enjoyed seeing the progression of Hull and Leeds-based rradar, visiting both offices recently (its Hull HQ pictured below) to keep abreast of developments courtesy of founder and CEO Gary Gallen. I’m looking forward to seeing how Rradar, and the wider sector, continues to evolve.