I’m now an AWS-Certified Cloud Practitioner

March 30, 2024
1 min read

Apparently the secret to passing the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam is to revise using three monitors. (That, and spending a chunk of your wages on Udemy question sets.)

I’m glad I’ve finally passed this exam, as the preparation I did for it has given me an superb working knowledge of AWS, its many services, and cloud technologies in general. I had planned to take the test in 2023 but the offer of online training, delivered by an AWS professional, convinced me to postpone the big day.

Was it difficult? Put it this way, I have my sympathies with anyone who fails Cloud Practitioner even after putting in the time revising. There are hundreds AWS services out there that you need to familiarise yourself with on a broad level, so there is an element of luck involved as to what crops up in the exam on the day. It certainly isn’t something you can wing by studying over a weekend.

While it might sound obvious, the more time you dedicate to studying, the more likely it is that luck will curiously be on your side.

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