I attended an excellent Leeds Digital Festival event on the future of safety tech yesterday.

I’m writing it up into a piece, but for now I wanted to share a thought-provoking quote from Crisp founder and CEO Adam Hildreth.

Adam explains why online safety tech has become doubly important in protecting people against misinformation during the pandemic:

“What really changed for us about a year ago was that people were really seeing the real-world impact of misinformation around vaccination.

“We saw a massive turning point where children were still being groomed and harmed, and terrorism-based issues remained.

“But for us, Covid-19 almost made it a real-world issue for everyone where people were saying they wouldn’t get vaccinated because of what they’d read on whatever messaging app they were consuming things on.

“So, actually, we saw quite a shift change in people realising that [online safety tech] isn’t just about a really niche problem; it’s one affecting all of society.

“One of the frustrations in the space we are in is that everyone doesn’t always see just the level of impact that misinformation has on people and how we need to protect them.”

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