What has Covid-19 meant for organisers of digital tech events? Full article in the first comment; summary below.

Coworking spaces have faced the challenge of catering for event organisers. With more online events being hosted than ever before, there is an issue of quantity versus quality.

Some community organisations have chosen to leverage existing brand recognition by turning their most popular events online first.

Virtual networking has seen a boost during lockdown through platforms including Eventbrite; Zoom; Hopin; Hey Summit; Remo and – yes – even WebEx.

Organisers have found that shorter (< 5 minutes) 1:1 networking sessions work best: "Long enough to start a potentially useful conversation while being short enough that you can just do the small talk if you get trapped." Larger groups (50+) can be kept engaged online with chat tricks, such as asking everybody to enter what they want to learn from the session on the count of three. In seeing a return to physical events, safety is the top priority for organisers. Spaces with outdoor areas will be utilised first, while capacity will be cut for indoor ones to allow for social distancing. #covid19 #coronavirus #events #remoteworking #workingfromhome #wfh