Encouragement can go a long way to helping young people start on a career path and ultimately achieve success.

I started a music website aged 18, only to pivot into consumer and B2B tech a few years later.

The reason? A university lecturer encouraged me to turn my passion writing about tech into a career.

Writing in The Star, Sheffield online, Tech Nation board member David Richards recalls how his school’s head of sixth form encouraged him to pursue a career in computing.

During lockdown, his #Sheffield-based distributing computing software company WANdisco raised $25m from Wall Street and the City of London from its new home at Sugworth Hall.

David, like Tech Nation chair Stephen Kelly, also featured in the Star, identifies an exciting future for the Steel City.

They point to its ‘world-class’ advanced manufacturing, strong infrastructure, innovative new tech firms (‘hidden gems’) and cutting-edge universities.

It means that pressing issues – from #covid19 to climate change – can be tackled directly from Yorkshire.

How many students in Sheffield today just need a nudge to enter the tech industry and make a tangible difference to the world?

Evidence shows that, with a bit of encouragement, anything is possible.

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