Apple is just one of many tech companies that has thrived during the pandemic.

Yesterday the company’s market cap hit a staggering $2 trillion.

That’s enough to buy 8,000 celebrity divorce settlements.


Having hit a $1 trillion market cap two years ago, the MacBook-maker has doubled its valuation in just over 24 months.

It’s the first publicly traded US company to reach its achievement.

Apple’s all-time high stock price eclipses other US tech giants, including:

– Microsoft ($1.7 trillion)
– Amazon ($1.6 trillion)
– Alphabet/Google ($1.1 trillion)
– Facebook ($761 billion)

It’s hard to believe that Apple was on the verge of going bust in 1997.

While it never actually filed for bankruptcy, it was saved by Bill Gates and Microsoft – of all companies – which invested $150 million at the last minute.

Some suspect that Microsoft did so to prevent it being regarded as a monopoly without Apple.

Still, who needs friends with a ‘nemesis’ like that?

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