My Tech Nation colleague Harry Davies outlines why it’s an exciting year for AI companies, writing for Information Age:

Venture capital investment into AI startups has been on a meteoric rise for a number of years; Tech Nation data showed that investment increased six-fold from 2014-18. As a recent State of AI 2020 report shows, investment into AI continues to be strong in 2020 – despite Covid-19 – and this seems set to continue into 2021. The sector shows signs of maturing too: companies raising over $100m have captured 10% of overall funding since 2018, Darktrace was rumoured to be exploring an IPO, and we see an increasing prevalence of success stories in AI like Tessian, Tractable, and Signal AI.

AI is such a broad area that it’s never short of exciting companies. In this article, I picked out a few that stood out in the summer of last year. As Harry goes on to note in the piece, construction, climate change and healthcare (and life sciences) are three areas where AI (machine learning, specifically) could make great strides in 2021.